Why RCS Gallery?

Your Personal Portrait Photographer

There are few things more fulfilling than the look on my clients face when they first see their wonderful portrait.  After 14 years, I am still thrilled to create beautiful portraits of my clients.  Lets make it a fun experience that will be remembered for years to come!

You can go cheaper or you can pay (a lot) more – but you won’t find a photographer that cares more. 

I have a family of my own and love all the different images I have created and captured of them over the years.  I enjoy the impromptu moments I have captured of them as well as the planned out and more posed portraits – that show that special look and mood of our family.  Its great when our children look at their portraits and they comment on how they use to look.

Brother and Sister

Alex and Melinda Very cute

By the lake

You know you want that special image but you feel like waiting until the time is just right

  • wait until their hair is just right
  • or, their teeth grow in
  • or, their braces come off 
  • or, whatever other little thing your waiting for.  
  • But now is the right time 
  • your family will not be the same family next year.


Be prepared to have fun having your portraits created and the memories of this time in your family’s life preserved forever.