About the Stueber’s family

My wife, Pattie, and I have two children of our own Alex (15) and Melinda (12).  And, yes each child has a dog  -Diamond and Beauty.  My children are very happy to tell everyone they meet how old we are. How nice of them.

Years ago when I went back to school to become a physical therapist I took a photography class for one of my electives. I could not believe how incredible this was – truly magical (So much for physical therapy).  Yes – I learned in a dark room with film (remember that) and chemicals.   A few years ago I embraced digital and all the wonderful things that can be done with it and I love constantly testing what is possible with it.

After my son was born, creating images of babies and children was so natural. Once my daughter came along, I had two very willing models to continually try new and different lighting with. They never get tired of the attention – although, now they are starting to critique my work along with the way I dress and how my hair is combed. You got to love kids!!!

Famiy of four   My famiy

My family

Much more than photographs: We decorate your house with fine family portraits – helping to make your house a home.

It is always a privilege to see the look on mom and dad’s face the first time they see their family or child’s portrait displayed in their home.

RCS digital watercolor and oils have become sought after as well. Something no one could do before now – the ability to combine the look and feel of an oil painting with the look of watercolors. Each brush stroke applied by hand with the computer screen as my canvas – once it is printed out it is truly a magnificent piece of art. Please if you have never seen one of my paintings on display set an appointment just to come by and see what all the talk is about.

We welcome everyone to become a part of our big family were we capture you and your loved ones in a piece of timeless artwork.