Show Your Ink

A person’s ink is a statement about one’s own personality.  Your tattoo says a lot about you.  I will create an image that shows, not only your tattoo, but your personality as-well.  Many of my clients have one or more tattoos – and, I thought it would be fun to create a section dedicated to those of you with ink.


In order to create my “Show Your Tattoo” Gallery – I am offering, for a limited time, a free “Show your Tattoo” session and one free digital image from that session.

Is it really free?  Yes!   What do you get?    

If you are chosen you will get your session for FREE and one free digital image of your choose. This is a session to not only show your tattoo but a great image of you with your ink.   And, you will get a $75.00 credit toward any digital images.

If you are interested in modeling your ink –  let me know as soon as possible.